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Brian Stein

Brian Stein, Trustee

I became ES in 2000, like many people after an unproductive meeting with my doctor, and after speaking to the NRPB, I hid away, reluctant to talk about this condition because it was labelled psychosomatic. However, after listening to many stories from sufferers, and seeing much research that explained why this happened, I have decided that I had to speak out on behalf of other sufferers and try to get the Government, NRPB and doctors to treat this condition more seriously.

I became a trustee of the Radiation Research Trust approximately three years ago, a group of individuals trying to communicate the research that is published from around the world to the authorities in the UK, showing why peoples' health is suffering as a result of EMF.

More recently (October 2007) I became a trustee of ES UK, because my passion and objective is to get this condition recognised and the suffering of people who are affected recognised as a medical condition.

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