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Denis Henshaw

Denis Henshaw, trustee of ES-UK

I am Professor of Human Radiation Effects at Bristol University.
Much of my 35-year research career has been in the study of the effects of ionising radiation (principally from natural and made-made radioactivity), but in 1996 I became interested in the adverse effects of electric and magnetic fields from the electricity supply, including those from high voltage powerlines. My current research concerns the way in which magnetic fields interact with the human body an the effects of corona ions emitted from high voltage powerlines. Such ions transfer their electric charge to particles of air pollution, making these particles more likely to be trapped in the lung on inhalation.

With regard to electro-sensitivity, Denis Henshaw says: "We have noticed that many people who live close to high voltage powerlines suffer sleep disorders and depressive symptoms, an observation which has been seen in a number of professional studies. This could be explained by the fact that magnetic fields such as those found near powerlines disrupt the nocturnal production of the important hormone melatonin in the pineal gland. Whether other symptoms of electro-sensitivity occur in this way is not known, but researchers are looking at a number of ways in which both electric and magnetic fields may adversely affect health."

Further details of Denis Henshaw's research, which is supported by CHILDREN with LEUKAEMIA, may be found at [www.electric-fields.bris.ac.uk ]

Denis has also produced an open letter supporting the plausibility of health effects from overhead powerlines, made available to ES-UK for download.

Denis has also presented the latest relevant science at the September 2011 ES-UK Conference: download (6 MB Powerpoint presentation).

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