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Michael Bevington

Michael Bevington, Trustee

In 2006 a Wi-Fi system was installed at work. This triggered what I later realized are typical electro-sensitivity symptoms - dizziness, nausea, headaches, heart palpitations, pains around the body etc.. I had never heard of electro-sensitivity before but soon located ES-UK with its helpful information. I was shocked that others had suffered exactly the same harm from Wi-Fi but there were no warning notices. Three doctors were unable to give help, although one admitted it was a "political hot potato".

I became a trustee of ES-UK in October 2007 and was elected chair of trustees in October 2008. I am grateful to our marvelous volunteers who answer the helpline and support sufferers in many different ways. The demands grow greater as the number of people becoming sensitised steadily increases. The range of devices around us giving out electro-magnetic radiation is also increasing, making life more difficult for those who suffer from this environmental pollution.

On a broader front it is good to see fewer ill-informed comments on this medical condition these days. It is also encouraging to see more medical and scientific studies on how people are sensitive and become hyper-sensitive to radiation. The next stage is for society to protect people who have already been sensitised, ensuring that they are not limited at work or home by this functional disability, and to prevent more people from becoming sensitized.

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