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Sarah Dacre

Sarah Dacre, Media Representative for ES-UK

I have experienced electro sensitivity personally and have spent six years collating data from hundreds of sufferers and speaking to doctors and scientists about their research into the damage caused to biological systems by electro magnetic radiation.

With a background in media I have have participated in a number of programmes and editorial features and have compiled a robust archive around this subject. At ES-UK we are able to source scientific input and case studies for any authentic media enquiries.

I became a Trustee of ES-UK in 2007 and have a special interest in contributing to the growing global awareness of ill health linked to electro-stress, radiation sickness, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, electro sensitivity. There are too many people originating from diverse demographic groups around the world not currently being taken seriously.Our children are at risk and numbers are growing annually of those affected.

For any further information please contact: media@es-uk.info.

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