Electrical sensitivity websites

FEB - The Swedish Association for the Electrosensitive
Associazione Italiana Elettrosensibili (A.I.E.) - Italian Electrosensitivity Association
ElectroSensitivity.Org - An informative personal ES site by Troy Knight, UK
magdahavas.com - site by Magda Havas that deals primarily with electromagnetic issues intended for a general audience
SCES - Sutton Coldfield EletroSensitives
Mast-Victims.org - A website dedicated to people suffering health effects from masts and antennas
emfsensibel.de - German Electrosensitivity activist website

www.norad4u.com www.norad4u.co.il - Israeli radiation reduction websites

www.4EHSByEHS.com - Israeli EHS website

Informative and useful websites

Powerwatch UK - A non-profit NGO set up over 20 years ago to provide information on the latest science and news regarding EMFs and health
MobileWise - A charity set up to advocate and lobby for better information on mobile phone risks and safer use guidelines, particularly for children
Radiation Research Trust - A charitable trust set up 10 years ago to encourage co-operation between the sides of the EMF debate, and to further research into potential health effects
Mast Sanity - A charity set up in 2002 to help campaigners fight the rollout of mobile phone masts and TETRA
Microwave News - An excellent US based EMF news site that has covered scientific research for over 20 years
EMFacts - Australian based independent source of information on EMFs and health, covering recent news and research

ES Directory is now available at www.esdirectory.org.uk

Radiation Research Trust - A trust set up to uncover and communicate the facts concerning EMFs and health
magdahavas.org - Magda Havas' academic website that has her research on chemical contaminants and electromagnetic pollution
h.e.s.e.-UK - A non-profit organisation set up to look at international research into EMF issues
WHO - Highly dismissive current factsheet from the World Health Organisation
IDEA - Irish Doctors' Environmental Association support of the existence of ES
Association for Comprehensive Neurotherapy - Link to their ES page
Roger Moller's Blog - Helpful tips for those living with ES
Top 100 EMF Sites - Links to other EMR web sites supplied by the French site, Next-Up
Stop Ear Ringing Tinnitus - How do i get rid of tinnitus?
NoRad4U - Staying on top of EMF and EHS information around the World

http://www.columbiancentre.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/473_may_09_2013_sm.mp3 - Podcast of ES interview with Kim Goldberg on Radio CHLY in Nanaimo, BC

http://electroplague.com/2013/04/20/nanaimo-author-gets-grant-to-research-wi-fi-sickness/- Book on ES by Kim Goldberg and at http://electroplague.com

http://electroplague.com/sanctuaries/- EHS sanctuaries.


https://www.facebook.com/groups/169495243194739/- Electro-Sensitivity Forum on Facebook, where EHS people are sharing information and strategies on shielding, health recovery, etc.

Research based websites

CWC Conference 2012 - Children with Cancer UK 2012 International Scientific Conference on Early Exposures and Childhood Cancer
BioInitiative - The website of the BioInitiative project, including links to the 600 page BioInitiative report that has highlighted very serious EMF related concerns
California EMF Program - An independent collection of scientists looking at the associations between powerfrequency EMFs (from Powerlines and Electrical Items) and cancers and neurological disorders

Mailing lists and support groups

EMF Refugee - A Yahoo group dedicated to EMF related issues and concerns
CIRCUIT - Electrical Sensitivity support group