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27/07/2012 - The man living alone in the woods to escape Wi-Fi and mobile phones

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Phil Inkley has fled civilisation to escape electromagnetic fields, which he believes cause nosebleeds, headaches, convulsions and blackouts. Laura Page meets him and investigates the condition known as 'electromagnetic hypersensitivity'.

It takes me seven phone calls and five attempts on Skype before I manage to hold a conversation with Phil Inkley. When I visit him a week later I see that the wire from his laptop dangles precariously through his caravan window and over a few metres of wet woodland to a dongle concealed in a box in the far corner of the land. Sometimes it works.

After our conversations are repeatedly abandoned because of interference and delays, Phil cycles six miles to the nearest phone box. It is out of order. The next box contains no phone. Phil texts from a mobile phone he seldom dares to use to tell me the situation and adds: "You can see I'm not just physically isolated from people, it's very difficult to speak to them remotely too."


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