On 25th February 2013, The BBC covered the impact of electro magnetic radiation, Wifi and mobile phones on health and the prevalence of electro sensitivity (ES or EHS). The programme featured former electronics expert and latterly, Emf Refugee, Phil Inkley in his caravan in remote an uninhabited part of rural Hampshire.

With many thanks to ES-UK Trustees, Professor Denis Henshaw, and medical doctor Andrew Tresidder for helping viewers understand aspects of EHS the possible source of their headaches, tinnitus, sleeplessness and heart rhythm variability.

See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Hin3QRdwOY

Scroll through to 11 mins 20 secs
Please circulate and post widely.  Many thanks to Mike Powell, one of the first truly insightful producers at the BBC on this subject.  With the advent of 4G later in 2013 and the roll-out of smart meters we may well  be facing an epidemic of EHS  and not only in the UK.