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ES-UK expresses its deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Michael Nield for whom our electro-smog-filled world became too difficult. There is a good Cambridge News article about him.

Please be aware that many of the attached articles in news stories are .pdf format documents, that will require you to have Adobe Reader installed (which is available from the Adobe website).

For those that understand and use RSS Feeds, the ES-UK news section has a working RSS 2.0 news feed to help you keep up-to-date with the latest news and research.

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07/08/2012 - ES-UK July 2012 Newsletter [Read More...]

The March 2012 ES-UK newsletter is now available for download from the website. Please use the link below to download.

PDF Document - Main Newsletter - Part 1 (View PDF Document)
PDF Document - Main Newsletter - Part 2 (View PDF Document)

28/07/2012 - The Spectrum Alliance questionnaire on light sensitivity [Read More...]

This questionnaire has been drawn up by the Spectrum Alliance to be completed by people who are made ill by low energy lighting. We would like to hear about you and your experiences for two reasons. Firstly, Sheila Gilmore MP, who has taken up our cause, would like to hear more case studies from the people affected. Secondly, we would like to understand more about those who have this problem.

PDF Document - Download the questionnaire (View PDF Document)
PDF Document - Background information leaflet A (View PDF Document)
PDF Document - Background information leaflet B (View PDF Document)

27/07/2012 - The man living alone in the woods to escape Wi-Fi and mobile phones [Read More...]

Phil Inkley has fled civilisation to escape electromagnetic fields, which he believes cause nosebleeds, headaches, convulsions and blackouts. Laura Page meets him and investigates the condition known as 'electromagnetic hypersensitivity'.

External Website - Additional comments and background from Phil Inkley (View External Website)
External Website - Coverage in the London Metro (View External Website)
External Website - Coverage in the Daily Mail (View External Website)
External Website - Coverage in the Guardian (View External Website)

02/05/2012 - Magda Havas has issued an update on her open letter to parents and schools regarding the widespread use of WiFi [Read More...]

Magda Havas has issued an update on her open letter to parents and schools regarding the widespread use of WiFi

PDF Document - Open letter in full (View PDF Document)

28/04/2012 - The AAEM has issued a position paper on the suspected health effects of electromagnetic fields [Read More...]

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) today issued a position paper on "Electromagnetic and Radiofrequency Field Effect on Human Health", including wireless technologies and smart meters.

External Website - Read more (View External Website)

Older News

22/04/2012 - Experiences from a veterinary clinic [Read More...]
30/03/2012 - The Austrian Medical Association have released EMF diagnosis and treatment guidelines [Read More...]
28/03/2012 - ES-UK March 2012 Newsletter [Read More...]
12/02/2012 - A collection of articles showing health and safety hazards from smart meters [Read More...]
10/02/2012 - Smart meters: separating fact from fiction [Read More...]
07/02/2012 - An electrosensitive judge from Augsburg finds refuge in the Wehra Valley (German Black Forest) [Read More...]
06/02/2012 - Plans to force households to have energy smart meters installed have been shelved over health and privacy fears [Read More...]
03/02/2012 - A few very useful documents published on the concerns about smart meters [Read More...]
29/01/2012 - Animals ill near mobile phone tower [Read More...]
31/12/2011 - ES-UK December 2011 Newsletter [Read More...]
11/11/2011 - Sign the government petition to say No to smart meters today [Read More...]
07/11/2011 - ES-UK October 2011 Newsletter [Read More...]
04/09/2011 - Pioneering Wi-Fi scheme for village faces axe after 'Luddite' campaign group claims it is bad for your health [Read More...]
30/06/2011 - ES-UK June 2011 Newsletter [Read More...]
31/03/2011 - ES-UK March 2011 Newsletter [Read More...]
27/12/2010 - ES-UK December 2010 Newsletter [Read More...]
28/09/2010 - ES-UK September 2010 Newsletter [Read More...]
07/09/2010 - ES-UK June 2010 Newsletter [Read More...]
19/05/2010 - EUROPAEM invited scientists and doctors to a medical conference held Germany [Read More...]
06/05/2010 - Dr. Erich Schondorf talks about the hazards of mobile phones [Read More...]
15/04/2010 - Electro sensitivity and Electro hypersensitivity - A Summary by Michael Bevington [Read More...]
12/04/2010 - A beautiful prison. Forced to flee from electricity and mobile radiation [Read More...]
06/04/2010 - The Chemical mechanisms leading to EMF Sensitivity [Read More...]
03/03/2010 - ES-UK February 2010 Newsletter [Read More...]
30/11/2009 - ES-UK November 2009 Newsletter [Read More...]
17/11/2009 - Emily Webber investigates ways of protecting yourself [Read More...]
03/11/2009 - As evidence links phones to a greater tumour risk, could using one cost your child their life? [Read More...]
24/10/2009 - Long-term mobile phones and the link to brain cancer [Read More...]
17/10/2009 - Telecom ParisTech Industry Conference covers ES [Read More...]
03/10/2009 - ES-UK Conference October 2009 [Read More...]
04/09/2009 - ES-UK August 2009 Newsletter [Read More...]
26/08/2009 - Simple Inexpensive Solution to Radically Lower EMF Exposure [Read More...]
24/08/2009 - AUVA Report 2009: Nonthermal Effects Confirmed [Read More...]
07/08/2009 - Community declares Electromagnetic Sensitivity month [Read More...]
01/05/2009 - ES-UK May 2009 Newsletter [Read More...]
01/03/2009 - ES-UK March 2009 Newsletter [Read More...]
12/02/2009 - Canadian TV: low energy bulbs can cause ES symptoms [Read More...]
28/01/2009 - ES-UK January 2009 Newsletter [Read More...]
28/10/2008 - ES-UK October 2008 Newsletter [Read More...]
06/10/2008 - BBC radio 4 Today programme interview with Michael Bevington [Read More...]
21/08/2008 - Government petition to recognise Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity [Read More...]
11/08/2008 - ES-UK July 2008 Newsletter [Read More...]
02/05/2008 - ES-UK April 2008 Newsletter [Read More...]
20/03/2008 - Mobile Phone safety guidelines "outdated" [Read More...]
19/03/2008 - Wifi Technology and its risks - Pedro Belmonte Espejo [Read More...]
18/03/2008 - ES-UK February 2008 Newsletter [Read More...]
15/01/2008 - Glasgow underground is in the process of implementing mobile phone and wifi support [Read More...]
09/01/2008 - UK Channel 4 ran a documentary early January looking at ES and MCS [Read More...]
20/12/2007 - ES-UK December 2007 Newsletter [Read More...]

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